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How to Get Here

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You can access MUSAN via the beach; the safest route is located on the sandy beach right next to the visitor centre.

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By boat, the closest departure point is from Ayia Napa Harbour. All boat dives must be via an approved diving centre.

Things to Know About

  • Shallow Depth Access: The museum’s shallow depth of 8-10 meters is ideal for snorkelers and free divers, allowing for close-up views of the sculptures without the need for scuba equipment.
  • Experience Art Underwater: Snorkelers and freedivers have the unique opportunity to view art in a marine setting, observing how sculptures merge with the underwater environment over time.
  • Easy Accessibility: With the sculptures visible from the surface, MUSAN is accessible even to those with minimal snorkeling experience.
  • Interaction with Marine Life: The sculptures attract diverse marine species, offering freedivers a chance to observe the vibrant ecosystem surrounding the artworks.
  • Ideal Conditions for Photography: The clear waters and shallow depth of the museum provide excellent conditions for capturing the stunning interplay between art and the natural marine environment.
  • No Special Training Needed: Unlike SCUBA diving, visiting MUSAN as a snorkeler or free diver doesn’t require special certification, making it an accessible adventure for everyone. However, it is recommended to visit MUSAN with a diving school.