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Explore Marine Life at MUSAN

16 February , 2024

A Unique Blend of Art and Marine Life

MUSAN, located in the clear waters of Ayia Napa, is more than just an underwater museum; it’s a place where art, created by the award-winning, world-famous artist Jason deCaires Taylor, helps marine life grow, turning a sandy bottom into a lively sea environment. This project combines creativity with care for nature, creating a perfect spot for divers and marine enthusiasts alike. From safe spots for small fish to open spaces for larger species, each sculpture plays a role in supporting the local marine population. This careful design has led to a vibrant underwater community, showing how art and care for the environment can work together.

Discover the Inhabitants of MUSAN

As you explore MUSAN, you will encounter a variety of marine species that have made these sculptures their home.

Some of the standout fish at MUSAN include the colourful Parupeneus forsskali and the sleek Xyrichtys novacula, also known as the pearly razorfish. Fish like Chromis chromis swim around, while larger species such as Octopus vulgaris make visitors’ experiences more fascinating. The presence of these species highlights the success of MUSAN in creating a living underwater environment.

In addition to these, visitors can observe a range of other species that enhance the biodiversity of this area. Look out for the elegant Oblada melanura, the eye-catching Sparisoma cretense, and the slender Loligo vulgaris, all adding their touch to the scene. Even less visible creatures like Diadema setosum and Herdmania momus are impressive and important for keeping the environment balanced.

Full List of Marine Species You Can Find at MUSAN:

  • Parupeneus forsskali
  • Xyrichtys novacula
  • Sparisoma cretense
  • Chromis chromis
  • Oblada melanura
  • Loligo vulgaris
  • Octopus vulgaris
  • Diadema setosum
  • Herdmania momus
  • Siganus luridus
  • Balistes capriscus
  • Zeus faber
  • Diplodus sargus

Plan Your Visit

For a closer look at the sculptures and the species that live among them, check out the MUSAN Visitors’ Guide. It’s your start to an unforgettable experience in the world of MUSAN, where you will see firsthand how art and nature come together.

MUSAN is a place where art meets the ocean, providing a habitat for these creatures and a fantastic spot for divers to explore. It shows how art can help marine life thrive, making it a unique underwater adventure.