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Magical Dive into MUSAN

29 August , 2022

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Dive into a special place where the ocean turns into an art gallery. This underwater museum starts at the shore and takes you on a journey through beautiful art and sea life. It stretches 170 meters and gives divers and snorkelers a chance to spend an hour in a different world under the water, where the fish watch you as much as you watch them.

A Unique Hour Underwater

This museum changes how we think about visiting the sea. It’s not just about swimming or seeing fish. Here, tall sculptures rise from the ocean floor, creating places for fish to gather. These aren’t just any sculptures; they’re designed to make the sea even more beautiful and interesting.

Art Mixed with Sea Life

As you move through the water, you’ll find sculptures that tell stories about Cyprus’s past, mixing old styles with new ideas. These pieces sit on the sea bed, adding to the mystery and magic of the place. They’re set up to fit right in with the sandy bottom and the ocean life around Pernera Beach.

More Than Just a Visit

This underwater museum is a journey into a world where art meets the ocean in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s a place that shows off the beauty of the sea and the stories of Cyprus in a magical setting. As visitors, we get to see and be part of this beautiful underwater world, leaving with memories and a connection to the ocean that stays with us.