Because nature has taken its course and it’s affecting the sculptures in its own way.

In the depths of MUSAN, 93 distinctive artworks intertwine with the marine environment, creating a harmonious blend of artistic expression and ecological innovation.







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Dive into the World’s First Underwater Forest Experience

A dive into MUSAN is a journey into the heart of the Mediterranean’s seabed, where artistry and conservation intertwine.

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19 Feb, 2024

Introducing MUSAN’s New Website
We're excited to share that MUSAN, the underwater sculpture museum in Ayia Napa, has just launched its new website.

16 Feb, 2024

Explore Marine Life at MUSAN
A Unique Blend of Art and Marine Life MUSAN, located in the clear waters of Ayia Napa, is more than just an underwater museum; it...

“Museums are places of conservation, education, and about protecting something sacred. We need to assign those same values to our oceans.”

Jason deCaires Taylor

The Sculptor

Jason deCaires Taylor MRSS (b.1974) is an award-winning sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. For the past 17 years, Taylor has been creating underwater museums and sculpture parks beneath the waves, submerging over 1,200 living artworks throughout the world’s oceans and seas. Themes explored by these artistic installations include, among others, the climate emergency, environmental activism, and the regenerative attributes of nature. The sculptures create a habitat for marine life whilst illustrating humanity’s fragility and its relationship with the marine world. Taylor’s subjects mainly feature members of the local community, focussing on their connections with their own coastal environments.

For more information check Jason’s website.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment demonstrated steadfast commitment by not only endorsing the project but also providing the vital financial investment that fuelled its realization. Their significant contribution served as the financial backbone, propelling the marine art endeavour forward. Under the Department of Fisheries’ strategic investment, the commissioning of renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor became a cornerstone, infusing the project with vitality and setting it on its transformative path. The collaborative efforts of the Municipality and the Department of Fisheries, along with other key stakeholders, have made the creation of MUSAN a shining example of unity in marine conservation and cultural innovation.

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The Municipality of Ayia Napa played a pioneering role in conceiving the underwater sculpture park, envisioning a space where art and nature harmonize. Beyond the initial vision, the Municipality assumed a crucial supervisory role, overseeing the museum’s operations to ensure they align seamlessly with their commitment to cultural enrichment and ecological conservation. With a watchful eye on the underwater masterpiece, the Municipality continues to lead in fostering a unique intersection of artistry and marine life at MUSAN.

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